Thriving at Midlife – 
From Crisis to Transition to Transformation

Midlife (a time period that spans our 40s, 50s and 60s) is a pivotal, life altering passage in the journey of life. It encompasses re-examining life goals, re-evaluating unfulfilled dreams and restructuring our identities. The midlife passage leads to knowing yourself beyond the limitations of personality. It is an opportunity to expand your consciousness and live life from the wisdom of who you truly are.

It can also be a time of increased stress as outdated forms of functioning in relationships, careers and parenting are met with your innate wisdom. You may question the value of what you are doing. You may realize that striving for externally oriented solutions and security has not led to the sense of fulfillment and happiness you had hoped for. You may ask yourself “How can I continue my life journey knowing that the map I have used for so long is leaving something out?”

I specialize in a psychological and spiritually oriented psychotherapy that supports the journey at midlife. This work is tailored to meet the needs of women and men who are experiencing the challenges or uncertainties that can arise during this significant, dynamic and sometimes tumultuous time of life.

I can help you navigate your midlife journey and offer you my reflections, guidance and ideas as well as collaborate on your process. I find that within an open, supportive working relationship, challenging the beliefs that keep one trapped in old patterns of thinking and behaving to be useful at times and may suggest this as part of our work. At other times inquiring into your experience in the moment, mindfulness practices, and dream work may be helpful. I encourage my clients to develop meditation practices and focused breathing techniques as a way of developing inner support for this work. I can provide guidance and instruction in these areas.