About Me

I believe that who we take ourselves to be goes beyond our sense of personality. We may not be acquainted with the consciousness and awareness that is the essence of our being. From this perspective I find spirituality and psychology are deeply intertwined, and have spent the last two and half decades exploring these elements.

After ending a 12-year corporate career in 1988, a confluence of events led me on a pilgrimage through Asia. I have had a meditation practice for 30 years and have been a student in eastern non-dual and inquiry traditions.

I have a doctoral degree in clinical psychology from the Wright Institute in Berkeley and have provided psychotherapy and consultation in the San Francisco Bay Area since 2001. I am interested in neurobiology, mindfulness and how our experience is influenced by body memory. I enjoy helping my clients access their natural resilience and compassion as tools for engaging a more whole sense of being and am particularly interested in working with mothers and midlife adults.  I am married and the mother of twins.