Claire de Andrade, Psy.D.
Mindful, Compassionate Psychotherapy
in Marin County Since 2001

As adults we are not fixed in our development, rather we are fluid and flexible beings with great capacity to change and to grow throughout our lifetime. This maturation process can be interfered with by runaway worries and stress, relational difficulties, or a belief system that negatively impacts our life.

I offer warm, thoughtful psychotherapy to adults who want to flourish, to live their lives more fully, and increase their sense of well-being. My experience as psychologist for 14 years and a meditator for 30 years is that this is best supported by psychotherapy that includes the development of mindfulness, self-compassion and resilience. Meeting each person where they are, I help people discover a deeper and freer sense of self.

The possibility of becoming more self-aware and to effect change is always present and is most accessible during two junctures of our life’s journey: the midlife passage (including peri-menopause and menopause for women) and during the parenting years. These junctures may overlap and collide which can make for some crazy-making times!